Committee formed to change HOA rule of no " Fowl"

Teresa Lundquis

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Jul 23, 2016
Several yrs ago at the annual HOA Meeting there was a vote to allow 10 chickens no roosters. We were short by 4 votes, needed 64 we had 60. I live in the county that does allow chickens and the nearby cities allow 10 chickens. We all have 5 acres lots. There are 100 lot owners. There were people we spoke with who wanted to vote to allow chickens but at the last minute didn't come to the meeting to vote, dang!. IF we had know we could have taken their proxy votes but many said yes they would be there.

So here it is 2 yrs later and myself and 5 other people have been allowed by the HOA to form a committee to address this change.

There are many people in the subdivision who have chickens after this annual meeting. One lady on the HOA board is viciously opposed to chickens citing the covenants were drawn up 30 yrs ago and it should stay opposed to chickens . She has actually verbally attacked people over this but later apologized. Our HOA is pretty laid back and there aren't many rules that are bothersome. They did hire a lawyer to bring a man to court over poor up keep but the guy was so poor we dropped it. The poor guy has a renovation plan he can renew every 18 mos and never have to fix his house.

Our committee feels we can bring this to a vote and get it passed but it means contacting 100 land owners and getting the vote, well first we have to do a survey and prove there is a majority who want chickens. So far the president of the HOA said unless their is a report of a violation then he is not going to do anything about it. I live 3 houses from him. So 15 acres away from me) Many of my neighbors have said they want chickens too BUT this one lady used to be my pet sitter and might stop buy. I keep the hens in the barn but sometimes have them in the garden.

I am reading through the old info so I'm not sure what questions I have.

My personal reason for wanting chickens is:

1: fly and grass hopper control. The grass hoppers ruined my organic vegetable garden. I also believe my hens can make a difference in the barn flies. I have 4 goats, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a squirm of worms, and a rabbit.

2. I have brain lesions and my only hope ( as I see it) is to use food as my medicine. The cause of the lesion is not known yet but medications are sure as heck not going to heal me but I believe food has to potential to. I feel my right to unadulterated food is important. Dr Terry Wahls who has MS was able to put MS into remission using modified paleo food as her healing medicine and I want to do the same but growing my veges and having eggs as well as my hens eating the stupid grasshoppers.

3. I know for a fact the coyotes we already running between my property and the next. The angry lady and other old grumps say the chickens will bring in coyotes and eat our small dogs and cats. The coyotes were already eating our dogs and cats before people started to have chickens There is about $36,000 in the bank of the HOA if they want to fight chickens but they really should use the money for road repair.

So any advice on writing the survey to sway people to be ok with chickens? I think people should have a right to food from a source they can control.


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