Communicating? Where's the bugs man?


9 Years
Jul 1, 2012
Today, I go and get Herbert out of his coop so he can run around for a bit. ( for those who aren't familiar) We head up to the front porch to do our usual song and dance. I sit and he wanders around looking for bugs and grazing for greens. He immediately goes for one of the few remaining potted plants and finds a beetle in the dirt. Rather than eat it right away, he puts it on the ground and starts his "happy clucking" as I call it. (the noise he makes when all is good) He moves it around several times without eating it. All the while doing his "happy clucking", looking up at me, back at the beetle, back at me, etc. Finally, he eats it. I can't help but wonder if he wasn't trying to let me know: "hey man, I need some more bugs!" I think he's getting tired of the corn and greens (I know I would!)

We're getting ready to get this going, and I've also picked up some dried mealworms at the store (which he LOVES) but in the meantime, I welcome any other ideas you have for satiating your birds appetites for bugs during the winter months. Feel free to link to other forum posts I may have missed. No need to duplicate others efforts.

As always, thanks for your help in advance. It's a pleasure to be part of this wonderful community!
Either he was challenging you or he wanted to share. Chicken behavior fascinates me.
He think you are his hen.

Roosters will cluck and circle around some delicious insect or other food. They will cluck the 'happy' clucking sound to call over the hens. Then all the hens come running.

Once they eat the treat the rooster usually likes to mate with a hen - so if I were you I would not accepts his gifts!

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