Comparing egg color between Isbar and Cream Legbar

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    I like both of these breeds, but I feel if the Cream Legbar does not give a blue colored egg why not just keep the Isbar as their egg is already a beautiful soft green. I want to be able to tell which hen laid which egg. I am setting the very bluest Cream Legbar eggs aside and hatching them. If they tend at all towards a greenish hue I won't use them for hatching.
    Both my Isbars and Cream Legbars were purchased from Greenfire.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Those doing this much longer than me - what are your thoughts. Is there a better way to achieve that goal?
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    If you want to tell which hen laid what eggs, a great method is to get a set of food grade colouring and put a few drops on each hens vent. The eggs they lay should have a streak of whatever colour you put on their vent.

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