Comparing incubators to purchase - have questions

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    I'm comparing the two models and would like some input before I make my purchase. Any comments would be appreciated.
    If you prefer to PM me, that is fine too.

    Hovabator 2362N forcesd air with auto egg turner 1611 holds 41 hen eggs found one for $110 with shipping
    What material is the outside case ...styrafoam or plastic?
    What issues have you humidity control, hatch rate?

    Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance ( autoturn and fan with digital control) holds 24 hen eggs found one for $295 with shipping
    This one has a hard plastic case
    What issues have you had hatch rate, humidity?
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    I would go with the Brinsea, even though i do not own one.

    I have the hovabator in a temp/humidity controlled room. My last hatch "yesterday" gave me 11 of 12 eggs hatched. I have had great hatches so far. A few people have problems with Styrofoam bators because they just plug them in without considering outside temp and humidity. If you can keep outside of this bator temp and humidity fairly stable, then it will work well.

    I have read great things about the brinsea. It may tolerate more temp and humidity variables. You might as well get the humidity pump as well.
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    Mar 1, 2011
    I've had both. Brinsea is the best by far I've ever used however I will warn that if you plan to ever hatch quail or bantam eggs the way the Octagon 20 is set up sometimes causes small eggs to become trapped under the egg holder and break. Other than that, I've got consistent high hatches with mine, even on shipped eggs.

    Hovabators are good if you want to hatch double the amount you could fit in the Octagon 20 at a lower cost. I get about 50-75% hatch rates with mine. They are tricky to clean and they stain easily. However you can't beat their efficiency and the varying species you can hatch with it at the price they are. Make sure you get an automatic egg turner with it.
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