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    Random compilation of ideas from this forum. Paraphrased and cited ideas.

    i'll edit it to add as i read through the forum. i know it is a bit common sense and chaotic but i'm compiling as i go i may organize it later. hope it helps by consolidating everything in one place.

    use pre-fab chain link dog run and a ground skirt of chicken wire to prevent digging under. 2”x4” and welded wire and build a fenced enclosure. chicken wire keeps birds in but not predators out.-from BeckyLa

    temp solution large dog create.- from spottedcrow

    Camouflage your fence with lattice work- from BeckyLa

    close the coop door at night -bigzo

    coons can work latches use locks. use an electric fence outside the run. put a top on the run to keep out climbers- Sandrachick

    dog s marking his territory will deter some predators.- from YARDBIRD

    dogs will kill your birds- from shadi

    neosporin helps with healing wounds clean all wounds, watch for signs of infection, if infection occurs see vet.- from prariechiken

    some dogs will protect your flock.- bayouchica

    Raccoons and opossums will eat chickens, and will return night after night. they can get through small holes. coons will reach through wire and pull chickens through holes.-from prariechiken

    owls and skunks eat chickens- wolfpack62001

    weasels eat chickens- chickbea

    last thread used rooster dead-- unknown predator

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