Completed coop and run, first time!

I'll have to get more close-up shots. We didn't have any plans, so it's kind of hard to outline how it really came together haha. But yes, we did use pallets. Four, actually, and removed the cross-boards on the insides to make more space. You can see that we made a foundation out of 4x4s to give the chicks some extra shady space under the coop. It's about 18 inches off the ground. We screened in areas for ventilation, and enclosed the back wall (against that shed) with vinyl flooring we got for free from a home decorating store nearby. The floor inside is partly covered and partly hardware cloth.

Ventilation is a big deal, since we are in Mississippi and it's in the 90s right now during the day. We have also rigged a bug light on the outside and small fan up in the inside corner of the coop for really hot days.

We had the roofing tiles already. Mom decided to paint them white, and it makes a HUGE difference.

We have hawks and cats, so covering the pen was a must. It's a bit "organic" looking, but we think it'll do the trick. And since the back yard is already fenced in, the only dogs we have to worry about are my cockapoo and Mom's dachshund. Hence the landscaping timbers, which are covering the bottom of the chicken wire, which we rolled out about four inches all around the bottom, plus staked down with fencing stakes. The dachshund is a digger. haha.
Sorry...haha. Also, I plan on growing some climbing plants, maybe passion flower, along some of the pen to "beautify" it.

The stuff in the little planters is a mixed grass made especially for poultry. We're gonna put that inside after it's established a bit more, because they will decimate it. haha. They are eating the St. Augustine (Mom's lawn). We weren't sure if they would. They seem to prefer smaller, seedier grasses, though.
Very nice! I thought about using pallets to build a summer house for the chicken in a veggie garden, side each year rotating to fertilized. Still have not figured it out but, Yes, you are a great inspiration to me. I can do it.

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