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It's that time again!

We need your help in rating and ranking recently submitted chicken coop pages!

Here are the steps:

You'll probably be asked to enter your email address (this is to help make sure you don't get the same coops over and over again)
You'll be given 4 links to coops to review. You'll need to answer two simple questions:

1) Rank the coop on a scale of 1 - 5 (1 = least favorite, and 5 = your absolute favorite)
2) Determine the size of the coop (1 = tractor, 2 = small, 3 = medium, 4 = large)

Click submit

There are LOTS of coops and we're hoping everyone will take a few minutes to at least rate a handful. We're trying to get at least 20 opinions on every coop. Fortunately the system manages everything for us.

Once we've received at least 20 ratings per coop page the system will let us know that the job is complete.

If you have any problems or questions, post them here!

NOTE: To clarify: We do not expect any members to go through all the coops on their own! Review as many as you are willing and able (even if it is just 4) but don't feel like you have to go through them all!

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Hey Rob, are they supposed to be duplicates in the voting? never mind I see that it takes them off when you have 20! lol
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