COMPLETELY New to Chickens!!!



Dec 21, 2020
Seabrook, TX
Hello there!

We are located in SE Texas. We just recently got our first set of chickens. They are about 10 weeks now. We got them at 1 week old. We currently have 9 chickens. We have 6 silkies and 3 wyandottes. So far we haven't gotten to the more fun parts. They're currently very messy, ha! They are fun to take out and let them walk around in the house. We recently started growing vegetables, fruit, herbs...and so we decided to get chickens too! We have 3 dogs currently, 2 Great Danes and a Weimaraner. So far they've been great with the chicks. We've been extremely careful too just in case. Our weim did try to eat one so she no longer gets to see them. I did a lot of searching online for feeders, coops, etc. And stumbled upon this site. So grateful for all the helpful information! Thank you guys!
Your chickens are out there in the cold and dark?:eek: On Christmas Eve? wow!
Welcome and Merry Christmas from the Houston area!
Let me know if you need anything.

Finish your coop asap...those birds are way old enough to be outside.
Oh that is the plan! Honestly I wasn't sure when a good time was to put them outside, so I guess that was some of the delay! We already started the base, and according to the fiance it should go fast now 🤣 fortunately were quite handy/crafty and don't have anything else going on for a while!

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