Complex questions of the body and brain functions

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    Do you know of anyone that would lift a middle finger up (palms laying on counter) and the other middle finger on the other hand lift involuntarily? It is usually the SAME finger on the opposite hand that the original hand is responding to the thinking "lift THAT finger".

    If I lift a finger, my other hand didn't lift any fingers. Same for all my family members, my Dad, Mom and sis, they do the same thing, One finger up, the other hand unresponsive.

    If my hubby, FIL and DD lift a finger, their opposite hand would lift a finger. All done without telling it to do it. Like fishing coins out of their pocket with one hand, the other hand does similar acts of the hand that is fishing the coins out of the pocket. Their feet would do the same thing. And writing. They have a hard time keeping the other hand still while one hand does the "chores".

    Does anyone know of this strange act? Are our brains programmed differently?

    Could not find anything relate to this strange actions.
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