11 Years
Aug 19, 2008
Northern Indiana
Can I put my litter on my garden this fall after all of it is tilled up for next spring? Or will it still be to hot?? Im planning on plowing it this fall and then tilling it next spring.
Is your litter wood chip-based? I raise guinea pigs as well as chickens, and used the pine shavings from the guinea pigs (not hot) for winter mulch. The only problem was that the shavings take so long to break down, I'm still finding them in the garden, over a year later. Sorry this doesn't address your direct question about the manure heat issue, but I just thought I'd mention it.
From what I have read, chicken manure is REALLY high in nitrogen, enough to burn you plants if applied directly. It needs to be composted. I put mine (manure and litter) in the composter until it looks like dirt. However, plowing it in for the winter may have the same effect if the ground is warm enough and the worms are active. You will have to contemplate your conditions.

I do know that my garden just LOVES my compost.

Good Luck!

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