Composting Quail Poo


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Jan 17, 2015
What does everyone do with their quail poop? Looking for ideas on how to get it in the ground, maybe a compost pile?
If you have close neibors as I do. I bag it up in garbage bags and haul to a big waste been or put it in my garbage the day the truck comes to pick it up.
Quail poo makes great compost! Make sure to use some other materiel like leaves, kitchen waste, grass clippings, wood chips or whatever you can get to help balance the quail manure. It will give an ammonia smell as it decomposes so mixing it with other stuff will help lessen this. Frequent turning as well as covering the pile with dry matter will also help. The turning of the pile will help get oxygen to the bacteria that are breaking down the materiel so turn it once a week if possible. Make a pile or bin at least 3 feet square to have enough biomass to get the materiel hot as it breaks down. It will heat up nice and steamy hot to help kill pathogens and weed seeds and will turn the manure into black gold. There are many threads here about composting, search them out and read to learn how others deal with what their birds leave behind and use it to benefit their gardens.

These are my bins made from old pallets. I can add or remove the front boards as needed for the amount of stuff in each bin. One holds finished compost, one is actively "cooking" the other holds dry materiel that I'm collecting prior to making an new pile to wet down and cook. It takes a couple of months to cook then I age the pile a few more months before I use it.

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