Computer died, records gone, 2 ducks from????


10 Years
Feb 28, 2009
Southern Illinois
I was doing so good keeping track of what eggs came from who and when........until my computer died before I made a backup disk.
I did get a nice barnyard mix from someone and both duck eggs hatched....

Everyone in the house loves the duck babies. I would love to know what they are so we could get a few more.

I hate computers!
If you are handy do this yourself or find a nearby friend to help.

Unless your drive is damaged it can be plugged into a different computer to retrieve your important data.

A program like sysrescuecd can make an exact copy of your disk for backup to get your data back.

Look for a linux club near you -- these people are usually willing to help -- maybe for eggs???

Good luck
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I was dumb enough to buy a warranty from Best Buy.
So computer is gone for 4-6 weeks.
Not the people I will ever buy from again!

I have a real long story that ended up costing me over the price of a new computer!

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