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    Nov 22, 2009
    Being new to the world of fowl I have many questions. It seems like most starter feeds contain some type of antibiotic. The Nutrena for my chicks contains amprolium and the gamebird starter for my guineas contains bacitracin. I understand that birds can get coccidiosis. But do you have to use antibiotics as a rule? And should you change to a abx-free ration before processing and if so for how long? I've heard some say to leave them on the starter and don't change. But I wonder if I am going to be ingesting this medicine along with my meat, which I don't want to do. I already changed to a nonmedicated ration for my chickens. How long does it take the birds to clear the medications?
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    The withdrawl period for the medicated feed should be on the tag that was attached to the bag of feed you purchased. Use that as a guide for the amount of time to provide antibiotic free feed prior to slaughter.

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    Thankyou for the post. Good to know. I don't raise broiler hens but was thinking about it next spring.

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