Concrete forms as building materials?


10 Years
Aug 20, 2009
East Central VA
Hubby's plant is finally being constructed and he's asked if he can pick through the trash

So far we've been able to get enough metal siding scraps to make a roof for the coop, and enough decent pieces to handle the walls of a shed. Enough pieces and parts of plywood to build new laying boxes and the like. Today we scavenged the trash piles again and found a ton of concrete forms... 2x8 and 2x10 of various lengths and most of which are covered in a thin layer of cement. As the construction progresses there will be enough of these to build a NICE coop, run, shed, planter boxes, shelves in the shed, possibly even enough to finish taking in the garage. This will be going on for at least 6 more weeks!!!

So anyone else use concrete/cement forms for coop/run construction? Or am I paving the way for those who have never thought about using these??
I always use up my concrete forms for the building construction. The only disadvantage is your saw blades become dull quicker, becasue of the concrete film you'll be sawing through when you cut pieces to size.
Most large commercial projects discard their form wood... it is cheaper for them to throw it away than it is to haul it and store it. Most smaller concrete companies, the kind that do residential work, will reuse them.
Hence pressure washing the wood and using carbide tipped blades! But I know we'll have to either sharpen the tips of the blade or replace the blade before we get everything finished

Got the walls on the new run completed but had to stop because I wasn't feeling so great
Hubby's not good with building things on his own so we'll try again when the sun's not beating down on me....

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