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    Dec 8, 2012
    ive noticed that in many threads people misinterpret their animals' actions as 'being friendly' or 'sweet', by coming over when i am feeding and eating out of my hand, or pecking at the feed scoop, or dancing around me (roos), or butting against me, .. all very cute when t he animal is five kilo, or small, or still doesnt have sharp teeth/claws/spurs/horns/

    people who raise animals should be aware, BEFORE PURCHASE that males are dangerous even if they are miniature sized. obviously a bad tempered female or a female guarding her young is also very dangerous but people expect that more then they expect to be bitten or scratched or bashed by a milk fed male sheep/goat /or any other mammal.

    there is so much info on the internet about animal behavior, and so many tv shows nowadays, that it doesnt seem reasonable that the average person doesnt know a bit about this.
    many an animal has been sent to the pound, euthenized, sold, or beaten because of bad treatment i.e. spoiling by its owners: letting an animal crowd u at the gate, shoveing its head in the feed bucket before u put it in the feed tray, eating /pecking from the feed scoop... those are the equivalent of letting a child take food off your plate at the dinner table, or taking a cookie off the shelf in the super market without permission. only it can get u injured or killed.
    i was bashed by a bottle ram (instead of using bucket to give milk); i know of someone who lost her eye due to a boer billy goat that had the upper hand , she was its friend, not its owner; dogs who take over their owners' houses (small dogs are good at theat. foofoo the lhasa was like that when i got him as a last resort before 'the pound'); vicious mares that u cant get in to the stall with them, the list goes on.
    so many good animals end up euthenized because of spoiling owners, well meaning newbies that think that petting and hand feeding means the animal is your friend, and not understanding that although a dog is our friend, it is still a carnivore with carnivore's instincts and actiosn, a horse has a fright/flight program in its head; etc....

    jsut annoying...

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