Confirmation on EE genders


6 Years
Mar 27, 2013
I've been practicing sexing EEs and I would like confirmation on the genders I think they are. They are 7.5 weeks old and I hatched them myself. :)
I would like to put them up for sale soon

I'm 100% sure this one is a boy. He is an EExBR cross and he has already crowed a few times.

I'm thinking these two are both pullets. I know the one that's more partridge colored is female coloring so I am 99% sure she is a girl.

The mostly tan one I am also thinking is a girl. So far it's pretty female coloring and I know to look for red on the shoulders. The only one that has any comb development is the barred one. The others do not have any comb development.
Really hard to tell with the photos you've given. Since the easiest way to sex EEs is by color, a side shot or even a shot from above showing the shoulders would help. From the photos you've supplied, though--yes, they look like pullets.
X3 on they both look like pullets so far from the combs in the pictures given, you might want to get better pictures of the back/side color on the lightest one in a couple of weeks to double check.
The two brown ones are pullets for sure, as that coloring is typical of EE pullets, and the combs are not developed. Your barred EE could be a pullet, but I'm going with cockerel for now because of the comb redness. They're all adorable!
Better pics would be good. I can't even really tell the barred bird is a roo from the pics. Going off what I can see, I'm thinking pullets, but profile shots would be good for confirmation.
He had a bright red comb at 2 weeks and started crowing a few days ago
I can get better pictures when I get home but this is his head

This was from 2 weeks ago

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