confused about grit

Keene's coop

9 Years
Feb 8, 2010
neenah, wisconsin
my chicks are 16 days old today and i put them in their coop on their 12 day. when it hasn't been raining, we let them in the yard for about 20 min at a time. now, my grandma says i should start offering them grit since they are now in the coop. but i just opened the bag and it looks a little big for them. i bought manna pro poultry grit (insoluble crushed granite). should i start gining it to them or not. and is it supposed to smell like dirt?


10 Years
Mar 21, 2009
Iron Station, NC
it should be fine. you can dump the whole bag into a bowl and you will find the finer pieces. they will pick out the pieced they need. and also if they are running around in the yard, they will find their own grit in the ground.

you could probably take a hammer to the grit if you feel like it's too big for them. we started out putting a little in their feed when they were that young. then later offered it free choice

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