Confused about IB vs IC


12 Years
Nov 16, 2007
Southern Indiana
I'm confused.. i'n trying to figure out if we have IB or Coryza. The birds are slightly listless, rattling breaths (like purring), runny eyes (cleared that up with meds), slightly swolled sinuses/eyelids, and no eggs. My EEs haven't laid an egg in forever. So we're trying to figure out what it is so we know how to treat it. Are there any sure fire signs that you have one vs another?
More questions..
Will any bird I introduce come down with it? I have chicks in the kitchen now, and i'm worried about them catching it.
The eggs laid by the few that aren't sick- will they get contaminated from being in the same coop? I don't want to bring the bug inside to the babies.
Can it ever go away? Am I always going to have to treat for it?
Plus with Coryza the mortality rates are very high. You are probably dealing with CRD and Tylan 50, LS-50 and a few other meds should fix them right up. Do you have any meds on hand? Teramycin is pretty much useless in fighting this stuff too.
I picked up some Tylan 50 and syringes today. Now to look up the dosage and sneak up on the birds.
There's no smell, so yay. What exactly is CRD?
Chronic Respratory Disease, a term used to cover a myriad of illnesses 'cept IB and Coryza. Those two are so nasty they fit in their own catagory!
CRD is a term usually referring to infection with Mycoplasma gallisepticum, plus secondary bacterial infection on top. Medication can suppress the MG and treat the secondary infection. Tetracycline class antibiotics should kill or supress the mycoplasma, but that class of antibiotics is not very effective against many of the other bacterial that may also be present. Chronic respiratory disease is usually a complex of infections with underlying mycoplasma. Think about getting someone tested if you really want to know what you are dealing with. jess

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