Confused chicken sickness

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    Do you have any idea how many people are concerned for their chickens cause they have a runny nose, sneezing, wheezing, eye infections and raw throats on the outside?
    A LOT .
    Do you have any idea how confusing this is? Everybody has a different idea of what it could be. Do you know how confusing it is when somebody says you have to kill your chicken to get rid of the problem. Or how emotional it can be to even have to sit there and actually think about how your favorite chicken is going to have it's head cut off tomorrow.
    Then you go out and make sure every body has plenty of water and the young hens walk right up to you and talk to you. Then you go back to the internet searching for a way to save your chickens. Even the ones that are not sick. I have a headache. I just want someone to tell me that I don't have to kill them. Please tell me that I don't have to kill them.
    From what I have read all over the place, most everybody has Coryza.
    And if everybody killed their flocks that had ever been exposed to coryza, 95 percent of the backyard chickens would be dead right now.

    Can you help me make a final decision? Can you help me save my chickens or am i just desperately looking for a cure that will never show up?
    Will the chickens always be sick to the point that they have to have antibiotics all the time?
    How do you know they have Coryza if you don't have a vet test a chicken.
    Can't chickens get sinus infection from regular bacteria in the coop?
    Some sneezing some not. Some with eye infections some not.
    What if your older(2 yrs) chickens are getting sick before the young (15 weeks) ones?
    What if what if.
    Some say the heat and humidity has caused sinus infections? Can it be that simple?
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    No one on here can help you make a final decision. If you want a definitive answer you need to take a bird to a vet. The best anyone on here can do is make a guess. That guess is going to have to be based on personal experience or reading that that person has done. There is no way they can "know" what is wrong although there are times when the symptoms make it easy to tell what is wrong. With respiratory issues there can be a wider range of causes from weather changes to mold to CRD. No one on here can make you kill your chickens but you have to weed through it all to decide what is the best answer for you....or go to a vet. Sometimes even they are not right. I am sorry you are confused. I realize there is a lot of information on here and people here do have different ideas about what to do in situations. I don't really feel like I have helped much but there is no need for panic. Even if they have something that would never go can have a closed flock. There are threads on here about that too. Research before you make any permanent decisions.
    Good luck with your babies!

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