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Mar 10, 2009
I have four chickens that are laying but the question I am asking is, had anyone had a chicken that acts like a rooster?
She gets up on top of the coop in the morning and cackles for a long time like a rooster does when he crows.
She also comes at me and pecks at my feet. Its come down to taking in a shovel to keep her from coming at me. Sometimes she even tries to get a hold of me when I have the shovel.
I have had about 30 chickens before when we use to live in Maine but when we moved to Florida my husband said he didn't want a lot of them here. I never had this problem in Maine and don't know why she is doing this. The roosters in Maine use to do this but not the chickens.
She even has a spur that is growing on one leg like a rooster. She is about a year old right now.
I would appreciate any help I can get with her.


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Feb 10, 2009
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I've read about trans-gendered hens, they get a busted ovary or something. Sometimes they even try to breed other hens, fight with the roos, and even grow cockerel feathers. But you may just have a really dominate hen. I had a leghorn hen once that looked just like a roo, had spurs and everything, but layed an egg a day, She just looked like one she didn't act like one...


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Jun 11, 2008
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Our OE banty did that after being separated from the flock... (to brood)
Here is whaat others here at BYC told me... and I called the Vet and he laughed and said-- YEP!! (He then gave me the info in #3 down there...)

Chickens are meant to be in "harems" with several female protected and mated by a male...

Some females separated from the flock become a "dominant" due to no competition -- OR if there are no males in the flock.. one will become the dominant female-- both will start to crow.

Often these birdsl shut down their egg production and their ovaries actually begin making testosterone. For all practical purposes, they become a male... they will even try mating!

There are ways of breaking the cycle.

1-- no matter what, you need to spoil her until she trusts and stops attacking you.

2-- get a Roo -- you can keep him in a dog kenel in the coop-- you know, "Lookey-but-no touchy"!!!


3-- Every time you come to the coop- bring a recording of a rooster.. start the tape when you get near the coop, and do not turn it off till you leave. DO NOT let ANY of the birds get dominant with you. Poke then, LIGHTLY swat or boot them if they do...

After a while, YOU are established as the coop's Rooster!!!


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