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Jun 12, 2010
I know Silkie's take awhile to sex, but this one is confusing me in its behavior. If you rub "her" back, she squats down. But today when we put some younger chicks in w/the main group, "she" did a little dance around them and kept trying to get very close to them--almost mounting, but not totally there. No crowing as of yet (no eggs either) and "she" doesn't dance or try to mount our older (18 wks.) girls, so I'm confused. Any guesses? "She" is 17 wks. old.



Mmmmm looks like a pullet to me, altho like you pointed out silkies are slow maturing birds, I have 8 21 week olds and 4 Im sure are roos even tho they havent crow a single time.
Sometimes if you have older roos with them they wont crow as they might be scared of the older roos. Male silkies also get streamers, which are long spiky feathers on their heads, but mine didn't get them til they were 19 weeks old.
And it also depend and the quality of the parents but mine had noticably bigger combs and wattles at a younger age than the females.
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