confused - sex change?


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9 Years
Sep 30, 2010
We picked our 7 chickens from a mixed bunch, some hens, some roosters, some young looking chickens. We didn't know what breeds or how old they were. I did some googling and figured this was a standard Cochin and fully grown.



then she started mounting other hens and her comb and wattles started to grow. But the tail still looks the same and she or he gets along with the other rooster.



So I guess this is a rooster?
No idea how old. But my husband just came in and said he is trying to crow and it sounds like he has a beak full of food or water. He/she just didn't look that young to me when we got them.
I still can't give a definite answer.
I want to say hen, but something is telling me roo. I think I see the makings of saddle feathers and a curved tail, but I am not a 100%. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Definite boy. It isn't full grown though - Those neck feathers and the splash coloring is quite immature.

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