Confused- What would you put in a custom mix from Mill for Breeders

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    Jan 10, 2010
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    I have decided to go with a mill that will custom mix my feed for me. I had boughten their layer mash but it was to powdery. They told me that they do a special mix for someone else and don't roll it as many times and it is not as powdery and doen't get hung up in the feeders as much as their regular mix does.

    So after talking with the owner he said he can mix up anything I want. Right now his mix is only 16 %. He is going to mix it up with 18% protien on my next order but the more I got to thinking about it I would like it to be higher for my breeding birds.

    So what would you have put in ? Or what is in your mills breeder mix.

    What is their main protien source?

    I was thinking maybe I should have him add extra vitamins since I do like to feed my chickens treats ie eggs, french toast, and bread on occasion.

    Any and all advice would be appreciated since I have to call in my order today and I get 500 lbs at a time.

    the breeders are Showgirls, silkies, Ameruacanas and a few more LF)

    Thanks much

    Ps I , have layers and breeders so what would be a good mix ??? Oh and ducks too !!! (Runners, mallards)
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    Oct 10, 2010
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    I sure wish someone would answer this question. I'm dying to know the answer...
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    Unless you are a nutritionist, I would think its really a bad idea to mix your own feed. You have no idea if you are making the feed unbalanced. They pay people a lot of money to formulate feed mixes at feed mills.Its really not in you or your birds best interest to throw together something when you have no idea what you're throwing together.
  4. FrenchToast

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    Jan 10, 2010
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    Quote:This is being done at very respectable feed mill. He doesn't sell a blend for gamebirds or breeders so he is mixing this up for me. As I stated he is uping the protien from his normal blend of 16% to 18%. He knows exactly what to ad to get the percent. This is why I am asking what other feed mills are mixing for breeding birds.
    If you do any reading about breeders they have different nutritional needs than a layer. As you shop around you will very seldom find a crumble, pellet or mash made specifically for breeding birds.

    I have 200+ birds, most being layers being fed layer mash. Now I'd like to get the right formula for the breeders and would like to hear from others who are getting their mix from a mill.

    I am not mixing this by myself. I never said that !!!! What I am trying to do is feed my breeders the best mix possible. I know some people just ad cat food, tuna or whatever and have very good results but why not if I have the opportunity to have a mix formulated just for them wouldn't I ?

    I also know that vitamin deficiencies will effect egg development and at different stages which I totally believe. I ordered 3 dozen eggs ( 2 shipments) from Gabble Farms and got only 1 chick out of it and a lot of $$$$$. The birds were all fertile and developed but never made it to hatch. Plus the last two dozen were incubated in different incubators just to make sure it wasn't my incubator. So that being said, I can't believe that it didn't have something to do with the nutrition of the parent chicks.

    So anyway, I sure would like to hear from others who buy from a feed mill.

    What do you prefer as the protein source?? And yes you can get the same results of protien %'s using different blends !!

    I am very fortuneate to have this source available. There is another mill I was using but he only had the layer mash. He wouldn't even roll it less to make it a courser blend no matter what amount I ordered. To bad because all of my neighbors would have bought from him as well.

    So Anybody else ????

  5. FrenchToast

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    Jan 10, 2010
    UP North WI
    Well I guess I'm the only one who special orders from a feed mill ???? [​IMG]

    I went and picked up my order of 600 lbs today. I am very pleased with the texture and the price. I only paid $8.35 per 50# [​IMG] TAX INCLUDED ( Also includes a 3.75% cash discount)

    Plus I got the protein increased from 16% which was in their normal layer mix up to 18.34%

    They use Nutrena NaturWise Poultry Concentrate 41 in their mix as well as additional Poultry vitamins along with a mixture of grains.

    I am so pleased !!! I called them on Monday at 5:23pm, 7 minutes before they closed and they had the 600 lb mixed and ready for me by 3pm Tuesday !!

    I sured lucked out finding this mill. They are a family run business and go the extra mile to help !!!
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    Jun 7, 2010
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    I am jealous of your mix...and the price!!! I haven't found a mill near me that will do this, but I was given a free load of very clean millet and small wheat (fell through the screener with the millet). I bought some gamebird feed, BOSS and some Calf Manna to make my own blend.

    Becky in No Dakota
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    May 10, 2010
    I would love to find a recipe for a breeder feed, I know they are available in the UK, but haven't found anything available here. I have a guy that will mix feed for me, but I also found a gal that is free-choice feeding, separating out the carbs from the proteins from the vitamins/minerals, so that the laying hens can get what they need, while the roos don't have to eat as much of the proteins and such that can be an overload for them, that we were going to try once I get everything set up for it. If you find anything else, let us know, and also your success with your mix.
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    Oct 5, 2010
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    I worked at the local mill here for a couple days, just about lost my mind. haha. I can't remember exactly but I think they put calf manna as their protein source, and the auger would mash it up. I believe the protein content was 16%
  9. FrenchToast

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    Jan 10, 2010
    UP North WI
    Here are the ingredients for making a 607 1/4 lb batch. 18.34% Protein

    QTY lbs Description Price Amount

    340 Shell Corn $11.50 $39.10
    126 Hi-Pro Soybean Meal $19.05 $24.00
    40 Corn Distillers grain $ 9.75 $ 3.90
    30 Poultry Concentrate $17.70 $10.62 Nutrena NatureWise Poultry Concentrate 41% Protein
    30 Oyster Shells $10.70 $ 6.42
    33 Calcium $ 5.40 $ 3.56
    3/4 White Salt $13.80 $ .10 This must not be priced by the pound ??
    4 1/2 Poultry Vitamins $ 1.05 $ 4.73 He is going to give me the label off his next empty bag
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ so I can see the ingredients.

    607 1/4 lbs Double roll, Mix & Bag $99.66
    -3.47 3.75% cash discount
    +5.29 Good old state tax
    $101.48 / 607.25# = $8.36 for 50 # bag [​IMG]
    To bad this will only last maybe 2 weeks !!![​IMG]

    Let me know what you think. Like I said he will make any changes I would want. I could go with Alfalfa meal to increase the protein but that would make it more powdery and that is what I wanted to stay away from. I am thinking of having him add some grit to the mix since some of the birds do not free range and with the winter coming don't think the free rangers are going to want to scratch thru all of the Northern WI snow to find any grit !!

    The reason it is cheaper is because I ordered several hundred pounds at once and when they bagged it they didn't have to weigh each bag to exactly 50# thus saving that extra cost and they didn't have to tag the bag either. The first time I ordered I only ordered 300lbs and still got the lower price.

    Thanks for all of your replies [​IMG]
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  10. FrenchToast

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    Jan 10, 2010
    UP North WI
    Quote:That's amazing that the hens and roos will choose what they need. Where are you located? US? You should be able to find a mill that will mix for you.
    I'll keep you all posted!!!

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