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Sep 17, 2013
one of my chickens laid a partly developed chick - no shell or membrane - does anyone have insight and do you think she will be normal now?
Hi smlfarmer, welcome to BYC!

When my gals first started laying we would get a few of those. We also got a few rubber (soft shelled) eggs. Are your chickens young and just starting laying?
I think it was one of my 2 year olds - I do have two new ones from this year one is laying and the other hasn't started yet or is not laying in the coop

my 2 year olds have stopped laying all together except for one that lays very thin shelled eggs and I have 10 more that are little and wont lay till dec not sure how many hens to roos as they were straight runs
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Thank you, I was hoping someone with more knowledge would come along and help.

Haha, no problem.
i think she is one that hasn't been laying all summer and so far no new eggs - still don't know how to describe what it looked like but was weird hope they all start laying again

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