Confusing tractor supply haul

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    Mar 15, 2016
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    today I went to tractor supply for feed, and I knew they would have chicks, I wasn’t planning on getting any, but I knew I might if I saw some cute ones.

    And I did.

    I got a little black chick with a poof on his head and he has 5 toes, no feathered feet. The guys there said he had a head tumor and that they don’t advise we buy him, I said it looked more like a vaulted skull but I’ll take my chances. Any ideas? He has feathers growing in and they look like normal feathers but I forgot if silkies have normal looking wing tip feathers.
    0CA9C81F-0F10-4BE3-9B93-B52F61C71639.jpeg 9533F4D3-59F5-46DF-827E-04CDE313EABA.jpeg

    My second guy was a chipmunk colored chick, in a big bin of yellow Cornish chicks ( all thier signs were weird and none matched what was in the bin, like black and yellow chicks with Rhode Island Red etc.)
    I got home with him and he also had 5 toes! And his feet are lightly feathered.

    31D7DE30-EA6D-40F2-B69C-FA052A1B52DF.jpeg 18E4F6DF-E3DF-4898-9D7B-72D8599EEBC3.jpeg 46ACD5EF-F935-436F-9A63-2CE996B7C587.jpeg

    I also got a surprise black chick, I wanted a barred rock but got a different one I guess. It’s all black, and has a white chin.

    2B0944B3-92A4-44AC-9359-521350FA0F4C.jpeg 0BD009F1-9CE6-4A80-99BD-D3E9B46C4967.jpeg

    I also got what they told me was a Rhode Island Red. Looks right I guess lol
    EE69F9C7-5BBF-4D22-B8FA-FC09EE57C191.jpeg 32D160CC-2B30-44A3-B744-5635BD7FF143.jpeg
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    AWESOME V1.jpg
    I love underdogs! I love your thread.
    Thank you for posting.. you made my morning!
    Beautiful birdies! congrats.gif

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    Strange. They kind of look like cross Breds.
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    Mar 15, 2016
    Fayetteville nc
    They are a little strange and look like cross breeds lol! I’ve had silkie X’s and they rarely got the silkie gene but almost always had 5 toes and black skin. (And slicked back hair) maybe whatever hatchery they got them from had a silkie get in a pen it doesn’t belong in lol

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