Congratulations Kiki for 100,000 Posts!!!!


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Feb 24, 2013
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Many of us have been watching closely, and it finally happened! @Kiki hit 100,000 posts!!!!! :eek: :wee :woot

She has now joined a VERY select group of BYC peeps that includes @drumstick diva @Granny Hatchet @Miss Lydia, and @sourland !!!

Kiki joined our wonderful community back on Friday, Jul 31, 2015, and in that time she's averaged:
  • 19,366 posts per year
  • 1,614 posts per month
  • 372 posts per week
  • and 53 posts per day (1,885 of them)!!!


Many of us have had the benefit of interacting and getting to know kiki, so please take a moment and join us in sharing some great congratulations!!!!!

Don't forget the 200,000+ posts she has in private conversations.

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