Conjunctivitis in chicks?


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Jan 24, 2011
Bristol, VT
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My Coop
I went out to check on the chicks this morning and bring them more hard boiled egg and noticed one of the little girls had one eye that was gooped shut. It looks an awful lot like conjunctivitis in people. Her eye is a bit swollen and has a goopy yellow puss under and around the edge of the two lids.

I cleaned it with a warm cloth and she was able to open it a bit afterward.

Has anyone else run into this with their chicks.

Chicks are 5 days old Silver Gray Dorkings.
Chick in question is female.

Symptoms are goopy yellow discharge on right eye as well as some swelling. Chick seems otherwise fine and is eating and drinking well.

Foods are Manna chick starter with medication and hard boiled eggs once a day.

The floor of the brooder is dirt with no shavings but they were put on shavings for the first few hours while the outdoor brooder got to temp.

Any help would be great!

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