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Sep 22, 2012

Consenia, the lush green valley of peace and harmony. Pegusi and Unicorns race through the forests. Gryphons swoop over the mountains in the distance, searching for food and treasures--both of which are plentyful. Phoenixes perch in the trees, singing songs with the warmth of a fire. Were-creatures hunt and gather in the golden sun. It has been over a century since Consenia was founded by the magical creatures and were-animals. Some had wandered far from their homes, others fleeing from enemies. Each species pledged to the others to keep the peace of Consenia alive. They have done so for over one hundred years, a new member of the council pledging to do the same as the last. But now Consenia is threatened. A new group of magical creatures has betrayed their oath of peace. The time has come for all creatures of the council to band together or Consenia will fall.

So what will you do? Will you fight for Consenia and harmony? Or will you lead the uprising and bring it down?

  • Consenia is a valley of peace and harmony between magical creatures. Here are the species of Consenia:
* Unicorns
* Pegasi (winged horses)
* Phoenixes
* Gryphons
* Were-animals (animals who can become people at will)
(Sorry, no dragons. There are tons of wonderful RPs with them already)
  • Consenia is ruled by a council with one of each animal to represent their species. Council members are first come first served, tell me if you want one that is not taken.
  • The council meets annually on the full moon and any time there is an emergency.
  • All council members must pledge to keep the peace of Consenia (If your charrie is a double-crosser PM me about it)
  • After a council member is killed or dies tell me if you want the spot. I WILL CHOOSE.
  • Consenia is surrounded by the Ballenmere mountains
  • The valley is densely wooded with every kind of tree you can imagine, in its center is the Penalsain lake.
  • You can RP any of the creatures above.

The Up-risers:
  • The group of creatures determined to overthrow Consenia has no clear name. Feel free to come up with one if your character is in the group. (Just check with everyone else)
  • Any creature that lives in Consenia can join them.
  • They have set up their camps in the caves in the Irassnie mountain.
  • They will stop at nothing to take Consenia.

Rules: (MUST read)
  • No cursing whatsoever
  • You may have as many characters as you want, but you MUST RP each one every 4 weeks.
  • Magical creatures may not be banished from Consenia without the ENTIRE council's approval.
  • NOTHING above PG.
  • Characters are allowed to betray their sides, just PM me if they are someone important like a council member.
  • Character fighting is allowed (obviously) Here are the rules:
* One strike per post
* OTHER person decides the injury taken
* Your character may only dodge 1 out of every 4 blows. All other blows must have an injury taken that is at least as bad as a paper cut.
  • An animal's (were-animal's) magic abilities are the ones given and NO MORE.
  • You can have mates, however, nothing specific about their offspring being born or stuff.
  • Characters can only mate with their own species.
  • Be friendly and fair. I will settle all disputes that go on forever.
  • PM me about any issues
  • Have fun!!!

Animals and were-creatures you can RP:

Description: Looks like a horse with a horn but might have a beard (it's optional) Can be the size of a young deer to the size of a horse.
Lifespan: 100-500 years
Magic: Their horns can purify water. They have a connection to nature and I will let your charrie have one non-magic animal friend to help them. Their horns are good weapons too.
Coat Colors: Black, Brown, White, Palomino, Paint (large spots), Plant green, Rosy. (If you'd like a different color, ask me)
Character form for a unicorn:
Species: Unicorn
Coat Color:
Animal friend:
Size: [think of an animal about that size]
Picture or description:

Description: Have the front half of an eagle and the back half of a lion. In this RP the front can be any kind of eagle of hawk and the back half can also be a panther. A bit smaller than a lion. Gryphons live in the mountains and have golden eggs and jewels that they guard, but in Consenia they know the valley is the greatest treasure of all.
Lifespan: 50-250 years
Magic: they can lift anything up to 100 pounds. Raptors will occasionally help them out to, but only if the sitiation is dire. Their screech can bring a rockslide if they are very high in the mountains.
Body Color: Any hawk or eagle in the front. A mountain loin, an african lion, or a panther in the back.
Character form for a Gryphon:
Species: Gryphon
Raptor front: [Hawk or Eagle]
Feline rear: [either lion or panther]
Picture or Description:

Pegasi: (Winged Horses)
Description: A horse of any color with wings
Lifespan: 100-825 years
Magic: They are great friends with all birds and great navigators knowing the famous constallations at birth. Their wings are strong enough to support luggage. They can summon clouds to hide in while they fly.
Coat Color: Any horse color(s) with matching wings
Pegasus character form:
Species: Pegasus
Coat Color:
Picture or description:

Descriptions: Flame colored birds with feathers that can be a mix of any shade of red, orange, and gold. They are immortal unless something other than age or disease kills them.
Lifespan: 1000+
Magic: Can burst into flames at will. Their song is entrancing but it requires several phoenixes to make their voices magic. They have good healing abilities (Can heal wounds that are less serious than a broken bone) and can heal other animals as well.
Feather color: Any shade of gold, red, or orange or a mix of them.
Phoenix character form:
Species: Phoenix
Plumage (feather color):
Picture or description:

(Note: this is not a malicious werewolf RP, so keep it nice.)
Description: Any kind of non-magic animal that can turn into a human at will. Normally, they will have some clue that they are not entirely person like golden eyes for a were-fox.
Lifespan: Average human lifespan
Magic: Can turn into a human at will. As an animal they still have the thinking power and smarts of a person added to their natural instincts. Were-animals can carry swords, daggers, or bows while they are people. When they turn into an animal their weapon will sort of meld into them and reappear when they are people.
Were-creature character form:
Species: were-creature
Human description or picture:
Animal description or picture:

PM me all character forms or post them here

Council members:

Unicorn ~ Kismet
Gryphon ~ Gabby
Pegasus (winged horse) ~ Phokas
Phoenix ~ Incendia
Were-Creature ~ Reynardia Vixen

The Uprisers:

Leader ~ Mel
Second in Command ~ Atero
Warriors ~ Jet, Dysis, Sylvia

Consenia is waiting...



Name: Reynardia Vixen
Species: Were-creature (were-fox)
Age: 23
Personality: Clever and a little proud, but not too much. She thinks that Consenia depends on its were-creatures, and they depend on her. She enjoys tricks on people, but knows when to stop.
Animal description or picture:

Human description or picture: Reddish-brown hair and hazel eyes that sometimes flash golden when she's REALLY angry. She fights with a bow and arrows and a dagger when she is a person.

Name: Gabby
Species: Gryphon
Age: 118
Raptor front: [Hawk or Eagle] Eagle
Feline rear: [either lion or panther] lion
Personality: Gabby is very calm, taking in everything and not speaking as often as the other council members
Picture or description:

Name: Phokas
Species: Pegasus
Age: 698
Coat Color: Glossy bay.
Personality: An older, more experienced Pegasus stallion who has sired quite a few foals within his lifetime. Not afraid to speak his mind, as he does not believe in lying, and will be harsh if necessary. Neither does he hesitate to kill as needed. The young who are too weak to survive, the elderly who are in too much pain, the unjust, and so on. Most definitely goes by survival of the fittest, and will only nominate the strongest, the smartest, and the swiftest to work under his inner circle. Phokas always offers his services to mares, and wishes to have his linage spread as far as possible. Stallions and most other male creatures, on the other hand, do happen to get on his nerves. Despite his fiery attitude towards most, Phokas does care about the well being of the land and wishes to restore order within all creatures, no matter who they may be.

Consenia & Uprisers:

Name: Dapple
Species: Pegasus
Age: 200
Coat Color: Appaloosa
Personality: He's always happy to help his friends if they need a guide. He will also help destroy the enemy.

Name: Maddox
Species: Gryphon
Age: 75
Raptor front: Red Tailed Hawk
Feline rear: Black Panther
Personality: Fierce and quick, very self-centered and cruel. Has no friends or allies, prefers to be alone.
Picture or Description: Not as large as some gryphons but well muscled with long, strong claws. The red/brown colors of the hawk contrast he inky black panther, making him easily recongnisable

Name: Crystal
Species: Pegasus
Age: 150
Coat Color: Pure White with black socks and muzzle.
Personality: Very shy. Doesn't talk much.
Picture or description:

Name: FireStar
Gender: female
Species: Pegasus
age: 3 1\2
coat color: Flamey orange
Personality: Outgoing and very kind.

Name: Incendia
Species: Phoenix
Age: 600
Plumage (feather color): Mostly golden but with dashes of red and orange
Personality: She can be serious if there is a fight going on, but most of the time she is warm and cheerful
Picture or Description:

Name: Sandie
Species: werewolf
Age: 35
Personality: Sandie is very intelligent, and an exellent fighter in both her werewolf and human form. Even though she doesn't fight much, it is not a good idea to just walk up to her and and pick a fight with her. She's usually very friendly, and will help others out when they need it. Very frisky, but doesn't ignore her responsibilities. She seems to have an aura of mystery about her.
Human description or picture: Sandie has brown hair and piercing green eyes that seem to glitter like chips of ice. She is fit and slender, not too skinny or overweight. Sandie also often carries a series of daggers for fighting.
Animal description or picture: She has a silvery back with a creamy white belly, chest, and inner ears. Her paws are smokey-grey, and her tail is the same color as well.

Name: Aithne
Species: Phoenix
Age: 250 years
Plumage (feather color): starts as dark red on breast and back, fades to a neon yellow on the wings and tail.
Personality: An Extrovert
Picture or description:

Name: Just goes by Mel, no one knows her real name.
Species: Were-Raccoon
Age: 37
Personality: Being the leader of the Uprisers, Mel is very cruel. She is very intellegent and smart, not rushing into battle without thinking it through. She can persuade others with ease, and can often decieve others. Fighting with merciless power, only a few stand even a small chance against her. She knows fighting moves that others try to learn for years. She is not afraid of almost anything, and will not hesitate to destroy anything that is in her way. She's been known to kill others in battle, and never hesitates to do it.
Human description or picture: Mel is very pretty in her human form, with icy blue eyes and brown hair. She does have muscle from her years of combat, but is also very slender.
Animal description or picture: Standing at the same height of her human form, Mel has deep grey fur with midnight black stripes. Her tail is completely black, and her face is an even darker grey than the rest of her fur. Her eyes are pure black.
Animal pic:

Name: Atero
Species: Unicorn
Age: 324
Coat Color: Black as a moonless night
Animal Friend: A raven named Eris who often spies on the council's meetings

Size: About the size of an adult quarterhorse
Personality: Dark-hearted and secret. He is Pompona's brother but you'd never guess that. He would do anything to please Mel, including betraying his family and oath of peace. He was once a proud unicorn, but now he doesn't care about that. Atero will turn back for no one, betray anyone, and destroy any hope in the way of dark path he trods.
Picture or description:

Name: Pompona
Species: Unicorn
Age: 315
Coat Color: Golden Chestnut
Animal Friend: A red wolf named Venatoria (call her Vena)

Size: About the size of an arabian horse
Personality: NOTHING like her brother Atero. She has a great spirit, but is a little shy. Her heart is always in the right place even though her thoughts often wander. She has a special connection to plants--especially ones that bear fruit or grains. For some reason she feels stronger and more determined if she is around them, twice as so if they are ready for harvest.
Picture or description:

Name: Kismet
Species: Unicorn
Age: 400
Coat Color: Black, with hints of silver from age
Animal friend: A tasmanian masked owl named Shadow

Size: [think of an animal about that size] About the size of a draft horse
Personality: An older unicorn, Kismet is very kind and gentle.

Picture or description:

Name: Jet
Species: Gryphon
Age: 20
Raptor Front: [Hawk or Eagle] Eagle
Feline rear: [either lion or panther] Panther
Personality: She is, essentially, Mel's servant. She is very quiet, fulfilling Mel and Atero's every command. Soft spoken and humble, never speaks out against anyone out of fear.
Picture or description:

Name: Myron
Species: Were-Squirrel

Age: 42
Personality: Quiet, soft spoken, doesn't like crowds, mostly sticks to himself. Kind and generous, spends most of his time drawing.
Human description or picture: Short and a bit plump, but not fat or obese. Medium length, scraggly brown hair and torn coat and jeans
Animal description or picture: Indian Palm Squirrel

Name: Dysis
Species: Phoenix
Age: 478
Plumage (feather color): Mostly deep red with hints of fiery orange on his primary feathers.
Personality: Secretive and snappish. He betrayed Consenia simply because he believes he can become more powerful by winning Mel's favor if she takes over.
Picture or description:

Name: Sylvia
Species: Phoenix
Age: 387
Plumage (feather color): Bright red, with stripes of yellow along her wings and sides.
Personality: Appears calm, but snaps quickly.
Picture or discription:

Name: Lily Blossum
Species: Pegasus
Age: 300
Coat Color: dapple grey
Personality: outgoing, courageous
Picture or description: She is a skilled fighter, yet fairly small. Her wings have white tips, And she has socks on all four legs. She has light blue eyes.

Name: Miracle
Species: Pegasus
Age: 2
Coat Color: Paint
Personality: Miracle is quiet and kind, though when with friends she can be quite boisterous. She prefers to listen than to speak and is quick to do what she is told. She does not leave a job unfinished, but she bawls like a baby when she has to kill. The one to turn to that will listen to all your venting and dilemmas

Name: Atesh
Species: Phoenix
Age: 5043
Plumage: Dark metallic amber tipped with metallic gold. Very shiny.
Personality: He is very nice and thoughtful. When provoked he is a fearsome opponent.
Picture or description:

User: Toro

Name: Misty
Species: Unicorn
Age: 100
Color: White
Personality: Loves foals, sweet, kind, shy.

Name: Xzarnon
Species: Unicorn
Age: 257
Coat Color: Dun
Animal friend: A pure white stag everyone calls Ghost.

Size: [think of an animal about that size] He is a huge, big boned animal, roughly the size of a clydesdale horse.
Personality: He is powerful, and he knows it. He is a bit of a flirt with the ladies, but in a good way. He has an eye in particular for Pompona. He is sweet to the ones he loves and carea for, but a formidable enemy if you meet him in battle. He has a deep, powerful voice that tends to wow the ladies. Everyone calls his animal friend Ghost, because he tends to disappear and reappear randomly, and in the most random places.
Picture or description:

Name: Atalanta
Species: Unicorn
Age: 321
Coat Color: pure black
Animal friend: a white dove, Sanctimonia, or Moni for short
Size: [think of an animal about that size] Medium/small size, with a black horn.
Personality: Even though she is smaller than normal unicorns, she has a big personality. She is very talkative, and kind, although she is a formidable foe if she doesn't like you.
Picture or description:

Name: Sheila
Species: Were-collie
Age: 24
Personality: Very kind, but can be a bit reserved.
Human description or picture: She has brown hair that goes down to her shoulders, and icy blue eyes.
Animal description or picture:

Name: Dawn
Species: Unicorn
Age: 1 month
Coat Color: White
Animal friend: A black-capped Chickadee named Holly

Size: [think of an animal about that size] Arabian Foal.
Personality: Sweet, outgoing, loyal, loves animals.
Picture or description:

Name: Ira
Species: were-panther
Age: 27
Personality: Secretive, angry, and very cruel. Has a short temper, too.
Human description or picture: Shaggy, black hair and tan skin. Sharp, grey eyes.
Animal description or picture: Bright yellow eyes, with black fur and a purplish sheen.

Name: Kristina
Species: Pegasus
Age: 221
Coat Color: Black
Personality: Very kind and sweet, outgoing.
Picture or description:

Name: Aurum
Species: Gryphon
Age: 168
Raptor front: Golden Eagle
Feline rear: Mountain Lion
Personality: He will do whatever he thinks will benifit him or his large hoard of precious items (mostly gold) He is not interested in defending Consenia or destroying it, and would glady swich sides for whichever one has a better deal. He can appear a noble, courageous creature, but always may backstab you in the end.
Picture or description:

Species: Phoenix
Name: Lance
Age: 985
Plumage: Flamy red and yellow, can breathe fire.
Personality: Very friendly, loves any act of nature. Loves kids. He really does not want anyone to fight, and if you get on his bad side.....well if you do you will see what happens.
Picture or description:

User: Silkie Chicken

Name: Jay
Gender- Boy
Species: Were-Wolf
Age: 17
Personality: Very brave and fierce
Human picture or description:

Animal picture or description:
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Name: Sandie
Species: Werewolf
Age: 35
Personality: (still working on it)
Human description or picture: Sandie has brown hair and piercing green eyes that glitter like chips of ice.
Animal description or picture: She has a silvery back with a creamy white belly, chest, and inner ears.

I'm going to finish this off in the morning, I'm about to pass out.
Name: Maddox
Species: Gryphon
Age: 75
Raptor front: Red Tailed Hawk
Feline rear: Black Panther
Personality: Fierce and quick, very self centered and cruel. Has no friends or allies, prefers to be alone
Picture or Description: Not as large as some gryphons but well muscled with long, strong claws. The red/brown colors of the hawk contrast the inky black of the panther, making him easily recognisable
I must say, this is about the best RP I've seen in a long time! Well done iluvorpingtons!

Species: Pegasus
Age: 150
Coat Color: Pure White with black socks and muzzle.
Personality: Very shy. Doesn't talk much.
Picture or description:

The picture won't go any smaller. Will try to find a new one.

ETA- Resized it. :3
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