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    After going and visiting Gryeyes last weekend, we fell in love with her little sebrights! (Her little rooster acted so big and bad a$$--he would get behind things and peer at us from behind and crow at us in a threatening way, all 8 inches of him... he was just so funny!). We are pretty much maxed out where we live and can't have more chickens, but you know how it is with chicken math... this venture that started out with "let's get 2 or 3 laying hens" has turned into 6 standard size chickens. We want more but don't think our backyard could support 3-4 more standard hens... but... we COULD support a few banties! (I try to think in terms of availability of leaves, bugs, etc., for all the girls.)

    So, I have a few queries for you banty-keepers:

    1) If I got banties, would I have to keep them in a separate coop/run?

    2) Do they lay eggs pretty regularly? If so, what breeds are the best layers? Even tiny eggs are yummy!

    3) I've noticed that most people I've met with banties have them in pairs or trios, but I live near neighbors and have concerns regarding the noise of the little roosters and would prefer to stick with a hens-only flock for the time being (our move to the country hopefully will happen in a few months, but we are still not sure yet and waiting for word). I do eventually want to get roosters, but at the present time it's gonna be hens only. Is there a breed of bantam that does well in a hens-only flock, or do they do better in groups with a male?

    4) If you are a keeper/lover of banties, please post your pics and information about them. We are leaning toward silver or gold sebrights, but I saw some little banty cochins that were too cute for words, and we've seen little banty buttercups that looked like little wind-up toy chickens and were just too cute!

    5) Do bantams eat what standard-size chickens eat, or do they have special dietary needs?

    Thanks to all in advance!
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    Jul 21, 2010
    Quote:I raise SPPR bantams
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] They are very nice little birds!
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    I have 5 Mille fleur D'Uccles. 1 rooster, and 4 hens. They live in the coop with my 11 standard EE's and Buckeyes with no problems. They really hold their own. The hens are 9 months old, and I've noticed they give me eggs in spurts. My first layer started giving me about an egg a day for a month, then tried to go broody, and hasn't laid since. Another laid for about the same amount of time, but did not go broody, just quit. I had 2 laying pretty regular recently, but one is about done, but the other still gives me an egg every 26 hours or so, then when it gets to her cycle being later in the day, she skips a day. I am surprised at how many eggs I've gotten from them, and I think that come spring time, They will all get back into it. The eggs are actually a pretty decent size for such a small bird. You don't need a rooster. Hens do just fine without them. Ours is a little punk, who gives us daily floggings, but because he's so small, he's no match for my boot sole! He has a screechy crow that we hear all the time. If you don't want to deal with the possible negatives, you don't need a rooster. All of my birds eat the same feed. I give them Purina Layena crumbles. They also are little pigs for scratch grains, and b.o.s.s., and lots of other treats. No special diet needed. The hens are the sweetest little girls. My wife and kids are always bringing them in the house. They love being lap chickens. These are the first bantams I've had, and I think I would get more. I know my wife would, they are definitely her spoiled favorites!
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    silkie hens are very sweet around other chickens while ihad them

    they eat a lot less than standards

    dont lay as good as standards

    i would be a good idea to have a diff. set up for them

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