Considering local Non-corn/Non-soy feed mash--please comment on formula

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    Dec 17, 2011
    I have come across a local source of poultry feed that is non-corn/non-soy at a very good price for my area (Willamette Valley, OR). I am thinking of trying it and curious if anyone has any thoughts or comments on the formula. It is lightly milled into a course mash. There is a 20 bag minimum order so I am trying to find others in my area to split it with.

    $18 per 50lb bag

    All natural high protein feed:
    yellow peas
    green peas
    camelina meal 17-18 % plant protein in the current mix (we can put together a higher/lower protein mix for your needs)

    It has no added calcium and the maker said some people add Fertrell's NutriBalancer to it, but that he doesn't and his laying flock is doing well. I would of course have calcium available on the side.

    I am currently paying $32/bag for Cascade Layer which I think is a great food, but with 40 chickens to feed I have to feed some pellets also. I do not like how highly processed the grains are when made into pellets.

    Comments welcome. Would you feed this to your chickens?
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    Oct 9, 2011
    Florence Oregon
    So where do we pick this feed up Sounds liek it would be a treat at least i need to look up soem things but i am willing IF it is Organic

    there is a place in Elkton check them out too they make there own 50 for 20 have not been there yet

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