Considering making some tractors, looking for some input.

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    Jun 4, 2011
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    We just got our first chickens - 6 jap bantam crosses, and two barred rock type. We have two or more silkies on the way. We have enough room for the ones we have, but hubby is very into this and I just know we are going to end up with more. We want to free range them but we won't have perimeter fence on our 3 acres for a little while yet. I dont really want to free range them until I have that up. Even if we dont add more for a while, I'd like them to be able to get to more than their little area (currently a 6x6 inside and a 6x10 outside run, so not really "little" considering what we have). Ok, I want to spoil my chickens, I admit it.

    Anyway, I was thinking I could make some tractors that some could go in. That way I can move them under the apple trees, etc. Plus, if we get some that we want to keep track of who's breeding, or need to separate birds for any other reason, I'd have a way to do that.

    I have access to large wooden crates, roughly 4x3x3.5 ft, and well built. I was thinking I could use that as the coop part of the tractor. How many would that fit? My math isn't working today..
    Are tractors basically mini coops? So I would need a roost and nest boxes in the wooden box?

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