Considering rising some turkeys. Looking for some insight


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Jun 28, 2016
Nova Scotia, CANADA
Hi again,

I am considering rising some turkeys for thanksgiving and xmas.

I have a large property that has lawn to forested areas.

I know we have raccoons, foxes and skunks around the area.

I am considering taking on 6-10 turkeys, with the possibility of keeping a breeding pair.

What do I need to house and secure the birds?

What is the best to feed them for harvesting?

What are my dangers from predators?

Thanks in advance
If you're starting now you need broad breasted in order to finish by the holidays. They do not breed because they are a meat turkey and their breast get too big to mate naturally. Next year consider starting heritage in spring and you'll have a nice turkey by the holidays. Then you can keep some breeding pairs, and process extra toms. Too many toms and not enough hens will result in fighting amongst the toms. Feed them a good game bird feed. Right before finishing, either the BB's this year or your heritage next year, use a,scratch grain added to their feed in a ratio of 1 lb/50 lbs feed, to give the skin a nice yellow color. If you have chickens, add ground cayenne pepper in their feed to avoid blackhead, a disease that chickens carry that will kill your turkeys. They can't taste hot. We learned this from APPPA, and works amazing! Good luck and let me know if ypu have more questions. Been raising both kinds for 2 years.

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