Consistently Late Hatches


9 Years
May 7, 2010
Midcoast, Maine
I'm just wondering if I can get a bit of advice. I've been consistently getting late hatches in my Brinsea Advanced, so I want to raise the temp a bit for my next hatch, but I'm not sure how much I should raise it by. I'm currently set at 37.5C and am seeing pips on day 22 and hatching on day 23. A lot of my chicks have struggled to hatch or are dying after pipping, so I want to see if getting the hatch a bit earlier helps them to get out a little more easily. Should I just up it to 37.6C or should the change be more dramatic than that?
Thanks in advance for any help!
Maybe your thermometer is broken. Try putting another one in and see if there is a difference. Wash you incubator really good, I assume you temperature is too low.
I've been told 37.7C is perfect, try that? What is your humidity during incubation and lockdown?
I think your thermometer is at least 2 degree off. In my home made incubator, the bottom tray was around 95-97 and they hatched on day 23 also.
Personally, I would go up 0.5 C and see where it gets you. If it is truly low, to the point of late hatch, which your direct evidence certainly supports, an adjustment that small will not cause you to exceed the acceptable range and get into the kill zone.

Just my opinion...
Thanks everyone. Sorry for the delay in replying, I haven't been on in a bit.

My humidity has been 45 and then 65 for lockdown.

I think this next hatch I'll go up by .5 C as suggested by stevetone and see what that gets me. I'll just keep bumping up each hatch until I get hatches closer to day 21.
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