"Consolidating" two 'bators?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by gryeyes, Oct 13, 2010.

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    I've had five chicks of 7 eggs hatch in two separate incubators. Is there any particular reason why I couldn't put the last 2 eggs of one into the other 'bator with its 2 eggs, for possible late hatching? I'd like to refill one of the 'bators with eggs....

    Just to add a kink to the situation, there's still a chick in the bator into which I want to put the other 2 eggs. It was shrink-wrapped and I rescued it. (Boy, was THAT a nerve-wracking task!) It's very weak and tired, resting from being trapped for so long, unable to kick out and all that. So I'd have that chick, 2 eggs, and add 2 more eggs at exact same stage (not hatched yet, maybe won't; none of the four unhatched eggs have pips) in the one 'bator. Freeing up the second one...

    Or should I not mess with the 'bator with the weak chick in it?
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    I would consolidate, i recently had 2 different hatches a week apart and had them in the same bator ( hovabator with window and fan and turner), i just took the turners off the track for the 1st hatch and taped them in place so the hatching eggs could have stabalization when peeping, and left the later hatch on the track and it kept turning , and now the second batch is hatching, they are doing great.
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    Do it.
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