Constantly crowing rooster

I have heard of a Velcro collar you can use... here is a youtube video featuring it.

No crow collars can be dangerous and must be monitored carefully.

More info on your noisemaker might help...breed, age, flock size and age, coop/run size (feet be feet), how long has he been doing this, etc
He is a 19 week old Black Laced Wyndotte. He is in with 3 other other roosters (total of 4 with no scuffling) and 7 hens, they are all 19 weeks old and beginning to lay. The run is approx 120 sqft. He's been constantly crowing for about a week and worried it's going to upset the neighbors.
What did you do? We have a Gold Laced Wyandotte the same exact age that crows constantly. He's our only rooster and we have 34 chickens.
I find that some are just over achievers, I also think that when they discover their new trick they love to try it over and over. I think roosters as they age out quiet down some. But if he just started the others are quickly going to start doing the same and you will have crow wars. If they are all the same breed and none better then the next then cull the noisy one. Some roosters are a lower pitch and not as crazy loud. But you will need to make a plan quickly...

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