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  1. Hi guys! My chicken has been really sick lately which includes uncontrollable sneezing, coughing and screaming. She hasn't been eating or drinking lately but is very lively and active. She stretches her neck and opens her mouth very wide just trying to breath. She can't poop or lay eggs, so how could you treat chicken constipation? Also we took her to the vet twice and he has just been prescribing antibiotics. The second antibiotics had sulfa and has helped a bit. But ever since I stopped it she has just been getting worse. Any ideas on how to help? Thanks! [​IMG]
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    Hello Quick question on your sick hen before i can clearly give more answers.

    1) was she laying eggs b4 the constipation started ? ( sometimes eggs get stuck weird and you have to physically assist here expel the egg via lightly crushing the egg stuck, i will illaborate more at the bottom and this may not be the case at all maybe she has a stomach bug and thats what the constipation is from ) But before that try using food items that are anti diarheals like plain white yogurt, i also read a teaspoon of apple cider vineger per one gallon of there drinking water is good for preventing worms in your chicken and preventting algea from growing in your water . Nothing else but apple cider vinegar As for the sickness trying giving here softer food, healthy treats and make sure she is getting enough water to keep her health up,Was she better when you were giving her the antibiotics you might have to get more. keep an eye on her and make sure here symptoms are not getting worse. If she does get worse i would suggest bringing her to a vet to get her checked out

    -I am not a doctor or have knowledge so use my advice with your best judgement -

    Best of luck i hope your hen gets better soon !

    Expert: Dr. Elaine replied 3 years ago.

    Ok, thanks, XXXXX XXXXX for the delay.

    There may be an abnormal egg obstructing her, or a hard shelled egg she simply cannot pass. The latter of which you would be able to feel by gently palpating her abdomen (below her breastbone, above her vent.

    A "simple" fecal obstruction would be easily loosened by the following:

    Take a lubricated thermometer (preferably a rectal thermometer as they are blunted)
    Insert it into the vent.
    Any stool and urate matter should be easily freed this way.

    If not, there is another obstruction, OR one bad enough to require flushing her (like with an enema, essentially).

    If you end up needing to take her to a veterinarian, ask for a parasite check on the droppings--this is often the best test for the money in terms of efficacy.


    Dr. Elaine

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  3. Yeah thanks for your reply. Yes I have checked for broken eggs but thats not the case. I started giving her probiotics and has helped alot. We're giving her heaps of yoghurts and greens and now she seems to be alright. But I will take in your advice. We already give them apple cider vinegar. But thanks for your reply! For somewhat reason she seems to be alright now. But thank you for considering replying. Really appreciate it!:D

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