Constipated Young Pullet?


Jul 22, 2020
Southern Ohio
I have a young pullet - no where near egg laying age. Her crop is very hard and she has had a hard time pooping. She does poop, but small amounts come out instead. Her poops seem much more dry than usual too. I pay very close attention to her since she is an indoor/outdoor girl and I spend at least a couple hours with her each day. I'm not sure what to do so I thought in addition to researching I'd ask here as well. Any ideas? Thank you!!
If her crop is hard, that means the food is not making it to the stomach.... which means it’s not digesting so no poop. It sounds like an impacted crop. I would separate her and remove food and water immediately so she’s not piling more food into her crop. In the morning, or after a good 24 hours with no food, see if the crop is emptying. An impacted crop leads to sour crop, as the food sits there and ferments.

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