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7 Years
Oct 17, 2012
32 I have lost a hen due to something unknown..All I saw was that she had alot of white on her back feathers

..Now I have another hen that has an excessive amount of white on her butt feathers. She seems to take a very long time to go poop..she will just sit there in an upward position and wait..She pooped a bit before she started doing that when she stood like that for a while a small wet brownish poop came out...I am wondering if she has constipation? And if that was the same cause of the hen that died...does anyone know what I could do? She also seems to be always pushing.

Another thing is that when she ate yesterday something very weird happened...I thought she was going to throw up or something because her neck started going up and down...Or..was that hiccups?? She did it for a while and started drinking alot...

I would greatly appriciate and love at least a little help c:
* She is drinking and eating. She also seems fine. But the other hen that died before her acted compleatly fine as well. She is also a 1 year old Black Austrolarp.. I don't think she is egg bound.

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