CONTEST: 55,555 BYC Members? Guess the DAY & HOUR & Win!


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This contest is brought to you by the BYC Sponsors:

Be the closest to guess the DATE & HOUR (Eastern Standard Time) when we'll hit 55,555 members and win a $20 BYC Store Gift Certificate.

We'll be accepting guesses until the end of day 3/31/2010.

Go ahead and post your guesses now. Keep in mind you can change your guess as many times as you want until the date/hour above as long as that date/hour is not already taken / posted by another member!


• The closest guess to the actual date/hour (either before or after) wins.
• You can only enter the contest with ONE GUESS ENTRY!
• If you want to lock in a specific day/hour, post it before anybody else.
• You can change your guess to a different day/hour IF IT IS NOT TAKEN but if you choose another day you allow someone else to take your previous guess.
• To change your guess: 1) Edit your first guest post AND post a new reply that you changed your guess and what your new guess is.

Simply reply to this thread with your guess MUST be in this format:

Month/Day/Year Hour... kinda like this:

3/17/2010 18:00:00
3/17/2010 6:00 pm

NOTE: All guesses must be on the HOUR (i.e., NO MINUTES) and must be based on Eastern Standard Time. If you entered minutes into your guess your guess will be rounded up or down to the closest hour. So, 11:12 would be 11:00 and 11:56 would be 12:00

Make SURE your date/hour is not already taken before you post it. If the date/hour is taken, your guess will not count!

Guesses will go fast, so the members that tend to be on the forum more frequently will benefit by getting the opportunity to read and guess first.

So, guess early if you're confident and want to lock in a date/hour, or wait a little while to find new member trends.

Oh, and most important... HAVE LOTS OF FUN!




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EDIT: Changed my answer to 4/27 at 3 am
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