**CONTEST CLOSED** Contest #7 Cutest Baby Fowl - 9th Annual BYC Easter Hatchalong


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Contest #7 - Sponsored By
SummerHawk Ranch!

Cutest Baby Fowl Photo Contest!
9th Annual Easter Hatch-a-long!

We are looking for the cutest baby Fowl out there!


2014 winner mrschofield 2015 winner MightyDucksVT

A Panel of Judges will
determine the winner!

The Prize:
Your choice of a SummerHawk Ranch Chicken Coop with free shipping (a $740 value)!

Prize Description:
Start living sunny side up. Nothing says New England seashore charm quite like a shingle sided style house. The Seaside Cottage Chicken Coop’s design calls to mind those beautiful shoreline escapes. Includes raised coop, decorative cupola, 3 nesting boxes, roosting perch, access ladder, 2 access doors for cleaning, small planter box, 2 windows and a 20-square foot welded metal pen with one door on top and one door at the back for easy cleaning access.


Courtesy of SummerHawk Ranch

Check Them Out On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SummerHawkRanch/

Contest Rules:
Entries welcome for all types of Domestic fowl – chickens, ducks, peafowl, geese, quail, etc.
We want to see the world through your eyes, not through the excessive use of editing tools.
However, basic cropping and poop removal is allowed.
Open to ALL BYC members in the Continental U.S. ONLY (Not Alaska or Hawaii)
Must be your picture, taken in the last year
Baby fowl must be less than one month old
Maximum of 2 entries per member
Cannot use a photo that has been posted in prior contests
Must be 18 years old to enter

Deadline for entry is April 15th, 2018 at midnight PST

To submit your entry, simply post it in this thread.

If you have not joined in the Easter Hatch-a-long, join us here:
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