Contest for FREE custom digital invitations/stationary!


11 Years
Apr 2, 2008
Southern Maine
Hey everyone, I feel like doing something nice for y'all and have decided on a contest for some digital invitations or stationary. Some people may be saying, "what the heck is that"? Well, you know how you can order custom party invitations or stationary or whatever from a designer? It's exactly that. Only free to the winner of the contest. If you win, I'll announce it here and PM you asking for specifics. Once you respond, I'll get to work. When it's done I'll PM you with a preview of the item and a link to its full size. Then you can print it out or use it for email, your choice.
You can choose something simplistic, like the invitation I made for my own party...

Or complicated, like this random sampler I made for fun. (Not meant to be an invite or anything.)

But how do you enter? Simple: just answer the question below. It can be as short or long as you like, funny or heartwarming, rambling or straight to the point. May the best answer win. Good luck!

How have chickens changed your life?
How have chickens changed my life? They have eliminated the need for an exterminator, a lawn mower, and the egg section of the grocery store.
Chickens have changed my life by putting me through three moods. I was Happy when I got my first egg, it was laid by my little bantam {I thought she was dying}, sad when we had the biggest massecre ever, and laughing my heart out when I had accedently tripped and chicken food was all over me and they came and attacked me. That was how chickens have changed my life.

Oh, and you just send the invitations by e-mail, right?
My chickens came to me at a very rough point in my life. Not to say I wasn't happy and functioning but really I'd just moved 1500 miles from my family to move in with my fiance. wepurchased our first home together and while in the country and beautiful it is too far out to have much company over all the time. After five months I was basically becoming very socially anxious ... Then i got chickens. My chickens provide me with relaxation and inner peace. They took away the nerves in running to town, because most of the time in the beginning it was chicken related ( you know, needing feed, a waterer ect) ... After I got over that They provide me mental stimulation(figuring out breeding groups ect) and something to look forward to ( incubation and hatching) as well as help me sustain two people and six dogs on a very meager budget. Bottom line, we can't afford to go out much. But we've had amazing fun with some bbq and corn on the cob with the chickens around. They provide for us in meat and eggs ( tho we've only eaten 2) as well as working to help us with our other homesteading goals ( composting, recycling ect). I've made more chicken friends than 'other' friends at this point. The chickens have really opened up a whole world for me that I didnt know existed. I've driven more miles for chickens than I'd have driven for grocceries! I can be a small scale farmer, trying to live off the land the best I can. All my animals bring me something but the chickens have most certainly been the most profound.

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