Continuing saga of man vs, raccoon

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Spires6, Jun 11, 2010.

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    Rammy wrote: I am having trouble catching raccoons in my area. I have put cat food, sardines, marshmellows, in the trap and it either gets them without springing the trap or I catch a cat< one of my own>. I have yet to catch whatever has killed several of my pullets. If anyone has suggestions, I am open to them
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    Quote:I had that happen too. They were reaching through the bars or digging under. I wrapped one trap in hardware cloth and build a little box for the other (blocks the sides and bottom). Works great. I did have a problem with something pulling the trap out of the box and dragging it, once more than 3 feet away and completely turned the other direction. Each time it was sprung and the bait was gone.

    Using eggs as bait has stopped the cat and chicken catching. But I did have to rescue a duck at 3:00 a.m once. Still can't figure out why that duck went into the trap at that time of night.

    Recently had a trapped coon completely cover and fill the trap with mud, bend the solid plate where the handle attaches and got the handle off and into the cage.
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    Coons don't understand english... so cussin' does no good in my opinion...
    All "he" will understand:
    Is this:

    Go get em'! [​IMG]
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    D'Angelo N Va. :

    I nicely sent him to raccoon heaven.

    ALL raccoons go to raccoon heaven. :angel:​
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    I never thought about using eggs. I have gotten some rebar and nailed one on one end and one near the front on the side to prevent tipping. Its a fairly new cage and easily traps my barn cats<stupid cats> I have 2x2's I can use per the link you posted so I can raise it up and still use the rebar and I also have cinder blocks to put on top for added reinforcing to prevent tipping. I may also use the sting method with a nice chicken leg suspended from it, but I betcha I still catch a cat. [​IMG] I have heard coyotes around here but I think what the problem is is probably a fox and I heard they are hard to catch. I know there are raccoons around here as I walked out to my barn a few years ago and this humongous raccoon went flying up the loft stairs and scared me to death. I grabbed a hoe to defend myself out of panic but it just jumped fifteen feet out of the loft and took off running. I about needed to change my drawers!! [​IMG] Im still trying to catch whatever killed my babies and Im not giving up yet. Sooner or later,whatever it was/is will join its cousins in critter heaven.


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