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I currently have 2 sun consures. They are about 2 years old and i have had them for 7 months or so now. I am thinking i have a male and a female due to head color and the way that they act. I was told both were males but they were not DNA sexed. I plan on doing that next month to make sure. But if by chance i do have a boy and a girl how does breeding go for them? At what age do they start and what should i look out for? Should i get them a nesting box or special food? One has the breeders tag already on it, how can i get my other registered so they can have babies? Neither one has laid an egg yet but i was also told that the females usually dont untill 3-6 years of age. Just making sure i got all the right info and what else i will need to know in the years to come if they breed.
I'm not sure what you mean by "breeders tag" and "can I get my other one registered so that they can have babies.." Does your city/state require this?

Yes, it will be a while yet before your female lays, but I believe they *can* become sexually active by a year, but a lot of times it can take longer as well. You probably don't need to get anything for them yet, but if it is your intention to breed them, you do need a nesting box and can suppliment their food with more goodies. A good pelleted food along with fresh fruits and veggies and hard boiled eggs and the like. Do you plan on letting the parents raise the chicks, or do you plan on hand raising them yourself? That's a big undertaking as well with a LOT of work involved.

My best advice would be to seek a more local breeder, or even do a google search for breeders. Ask lots of questions, there's a lot to learn, and it's a huge responsibility. Good luck! They're wonderful birds
The tags around the legs of birds is what i ment sorry. I didnt know if there was one that i could get for my other since he doesnt have one. My state does not require it but it is a good thing to have around here. Someone is more likely to go for a taged bird then a non.

Yes i plan on hand feeding so they stay human friendly. There are really no breeders here unless you count pet stores or the ones who mass breed them and sell them to the pet stores
There are lots of breeders in Flordia!

There are even more if you search for them.

A mentor for breeding is very useful. Choose someone that uses the same husbandry and ethics that you plan on.

Why are you breeding? It's a very important question. If it's for money, carefully consider how much time and expense goes into the birds to raise them old enough where they are comfortably weaned.
Also consider the market. Not a whole lot of people are buying birds right now.

If it's for fun and enjoyment, are you sure you will have homes for the babies?

What are the genetics of the parents like? Where do their lines come from? Do their parents have any genetic problems, any problems that would be passed down to future pet owners? History of egg binding, etc?

Also remember that there are already a lot of unwanted conures out there. They are sweet birds but they are not suitable for most people's lives. It takes a special person to give a conure a life-long home. How will you help to keep your birds out of rehoming situations?

Best wishes!
When i tried looking i couldnt find any. They all lead back to pet stores.

If i have a male and a female and they decide to breed then i will let them. So i guess personal enjoyment. I have a great vet backing me aswell. She will check them all out once they are old enough and raising is not a problem. I dont mind getting up every couple of hours to hand feed them.

I have a couple years before they start to lay so i will be seeing if people are interested during that time.

Genetics in the parents are good. No health problems as far as i could find. or egg binding. Parents on both are still alive and thriving.

My 2 have a forever home with me and my fiance. if we were to part then one of us would take them both. If something happened to us and they needed and new home then a family member would take over care for them for the rest of their days. As for the babies I would find good homes like i do with my ducks. I ask alot of questions about caging, food, handleing before deciding if they will go to that home and ask to be kept in contact with. Also if something happened to where they could no longer care for the bird i would request that it be brought back to me to find a new home rather then that person reselling or giving it up.

I would just like for my birds to have 1 clutch. Just to see what happens.

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