Conure Diet [Fruits?]


Oct 12, 2019
I haven't personally used Zupreem or Roudybush, but I did a lot of research about them and many other brands when I was looking for decent pellets. I was particularly put off many brands because of the added sugar and artificial ingredients they included. Also, for many of these brands, the first few ingredients were corn, wheat and soy (which aren't actually good for parrots in such large quantities). They also include a lot of added vitamins, which they already get naturally from their chop, and too much can lead to hypervitaminosis. Then there's the issue where they bake and extrude the pellets, which removes the remaining nutritional value. I've also been told by an avian vet and behaviourist that they were no good.

I did find two brands that I am happy with though. They don't include corn, soy or peanuts (which can also be bad for parrots). They also don't have added sugar or artificial vitamins and minerals. Another thing I really like about them is that they are cold-pressed, rather than baked, leaving the nutrition for the parrots. There are many more reasons I could list as to why they are great (including a video that explains it well), but I don't want to ramble on too much unless you want me to.

They are a little more expensive than some, but I think it's worth it for all the benefits. Plus, They only need to make up around 20% of the diet, with the remainder being vegetable chop (and a small percent for training treats).

Anyway, here are the links to the pellets

If you have anymore questions, I'm happy to help :)


Mar 30, 2020
Those look like good quality pellets! I've used Zupreem and Roudybush, in addition to several others. We use Hari Tropimix often mixed with some Kaytee or Zupreem pellets, plus fresh fruits and veggies. There are some options out of my reach financially. The favorite treat here (other than fresh veggies) is Goldenfeast Madagascar Delite and some people give that daily. It's a high quality fruit/seed/nut mix. It would be too big for a conure but Goldenfeast has some other great options. I've heard so many different things from different people on specific pellets, seed mix, warm foods, veggie/fruit combos etc that I generally feel like there is no perfect answer. Just depends what's available and in your budget that your bird does well on and will consistently eat.

As for conure sounds, I love the little coos and squeaks you get when they're young. I have only been around a handful of mature to older conures. In my experience, not as much squeaking but they have a broader range of sounds - especially if they're vocal. I knew a little blue crowned with a decent vocabulary.


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Jun 23, 2020
Chop is always good. What pellets do you recommend?
I have been giving the Zupreem fruit ones. (I know the artificial dyes are controversial, but he only eats a few, and it's what the breeder used.) I have also been offering Roudybush Mini- but he will only consider it if mixed with seeds or given during playtime (when he thinks it's a snack or toy). The seed mix is Natural Harvest Universal Blend- it is full of dehydrated vegetables, seeds, nuts, etc. It isn't a top-of-the-line brand (to my knowledge) but he likes it. That with the pellets and fresh foods- I think it's going well. He seems healthy and happy, and we're getting along great.

If there is something more I should be doing, I'm open to hearing/reading.
I would recommend the brand Harrisons my conure and lovebird love it. I've also heard tops is a good brand too.

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