Conversation with my ducks.


9 Years
Apr 19, 2011
They have been getting in to my garden. I wasn't sure how...but think I figured it out.
Last night we had to chase them down and throw them back in the run. Today I went out and D'Artagnan and Doc were in the garden, now just bare dirt, thanks chirpie twerpies.
I stood on the deck, hands on my hips and said really guys? what are you doing? why are you in my garden again? Every word I said they looked at me and took another couple steps towards the run. Not towards the gate, but towards the net between the run and garden. By the time I finished talking to them they had made it to the fence net. Next thing I know, D'Artagnan hunches down close to the ground, stretches his head out as far as he can, and basically dives under the net. Doc stood there another minute yelling at me before he...dove head first right into the netting. Of course he couldn't figure out how to get out, despite there being not more than a couple inches of play in the netting, and it's not buried as the garden area is secure, it's just supposed to be a deterrent between the chicken run and garden.

a pool question...They have a wading pool. They CAN get in it. they WON'T get in it. Unless we put them in or chase them in. normal? not real smart ducks?

Doc is a Pekin, I'm pretty sure a female, she has a very nice loud quack, especially when she's mad.
D'Artagnan, Indian Runner, I'm unsure about, if I were to go by voice now I would say male, but they are still only 6 wks.

And a confession...I really didn't want a runner. I honestly think they are goofy looking, and kinda ugly. I have fallen in love with D'Artagnan though. The store we got the ducks at had no idea beyond "a duck". yeah.
I like the name D'Artagnan- we had Porthos, Athos and, Aramis bunnies once!
I agree that the runners look funny, but my first duck was a runner so I love them anyway. Not sure what to tell you about the pool problem. For the first couple days after I gave them the baby pool, my duckies would only get in or out if I scared them. They learned pretty quickly and now come and go at will. Maybe give them a little more time to figure it out?

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