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I was up on the roof of my coop I'm building today and saw my 4 year old come out of the old coop with his shirt pulled up into a sack where he was obviously carrying eggs back into the house. We have a layer flock and then HIS chickens, which are buff orps that are separated. I've been collecting buff Orps to set for customers. I asked him if he collected the eggs from his birds too. He said yeah. I asked him if he separated them. He was frustrated and said, "No Dad, I got them mixed up."
So when I went inside I was explaining to him the importance of keeping them separate and he said, "Why are you always taking the eggs from MY chickens?"
I told him it was because they were the only pure chicken eggs I have right now." He told me I should get my own!
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Thinking there's gonna be a few surprises thrown in with the hatches of buffs!
My girls insisted on having thier own chickens. And they knew which ones were theirs. Well, except our 4 year old daughter... she named one Treela. well, I didn't pay attention to which one she said was hers.. and the original Treela was sold. So this other one became her, and then she got sold.. Finally, I just picked a RIR, and said, there, that's her. To this day, she will tell you, Treela changed colors A LOT before she finally started laying eggs.

Well, We didn't try to figure out the buffs from the ones he collected today- we just put them in the frig.

He's a great kid. Most mornings, he gets up, gets his clothes on, lets the dog out, and goes and opens the coop and checks food and water. Many times, after he does that stuff, I look around for him and he's out shoveling the driveway (even as ineffective as he is at it.
) He does all this without being asked.
That's one awesome young man you got there!
Now teach him how to marinate a steak, bake a potato, and pitch a tent. Guaranteed, ya wont find him all summer long inside the house!

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