Convert a bookcase into a quail cage?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by namastemama, Dec 25, 2012.

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    DH has finally given me the go ahead to have quail. We have this great old bookcase or a industrial gargle shelling unit that he said I could convert to quail quarters. Which would you use?
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    Oct 10, 2012
    Well, I used an old book case to make the brooder and it had enough room to fit a dozen almost fully matured quail chicks with enough room to wander around, jump and play in, it was a little too big for when they were day old quail chicks, so we had to be put in a box inside the brooder to be closer to the light.
    For my adult quails cage we used this metal frame that was once used for those standing signs (it's bigger than I thought) that a friend gave to us. All we did was separate it, so instead of being in an 'A' shape, it was more of a 'l l' shape. All it needed was putting together, making sure it was stable, than adding the avian wire to it.
    You really don't need anything fancy for quail cages except that it just encloses them from the great outdoors, and keeps them in their own mini-paradise. ^.^
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    Should work fine! Quail are so easy to house. We once kept a male coturnix in the house in a bird cage, for months. Just make sure you meet minimum square footage guidelines per bird (at LEAST 1 sq ft each--more is definitely better). Provide them with plenty of enrichment opportunities--they love sandboxes and/or dust baths, and branches and leaves made to imitate low brush for hiding among. They also appreciate weeds (they'll pick the bugs & seeds out), birdseed (throw it in the sandbox and they'll pick through for hours), and bugs.

    I'm working on converting an old chest of drawers into a brood box for baby quail & chickens. I'll be posting about it on my blog with a how-to & pics when it's done. It's taking a while because of, you know, busy.

    Good luck & take lots of pics. We'll want to see!

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