Converting a Pack 'n' Play for birds?


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Jan 7, 2009
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Well, our son's pack 'n' play is getting demoted and we're buying a new one for the new baby. I'm wondering if there's a way to convert this thing into a cage for birds, either chickens or coturnix quail. Any ideas? These will be inside birds, and I'm wondering how I can convert it to make it easy to keep clean/clean out and such.
I can't find my exact model, but this looks like it's basically the same thing, but in a different pattern...

For those who don't "know" pack'n'plays, they have a hard mat thing that goes in the bottom, but this thing is basically impossible to clean. I believe that the mat is made up of particleboard type cardboard and foam. This is why I'm "demoting" it, because somebody decided that diapers are no fun, took the diaper off and peed ALL through the thing, and I couldn't figure out how to clean it, except to soak the sucker in bleach water, which warped the cardboard type stuff. I know I could probably get some type of plastic to cover it and use that as like a cage liner or something, but, I'm hoping that other people can add some input to give me more ideas to work with.

The top thing (basinet) is no longer "with us", I don't honestly know what I did with it.
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Puppy pads!!! tuck them around the edges, tape the pads together. They absorb odor too. They work wonderfully - I needed a pic to know what a pack and play was - they didn't have those when my son was young.
Awesome, thanks guys.
it's no longer servicable for babies (at least not without a new padding), but I didn't want to just toss it or anything, and, the more room I have for birds the better.
What I would do is use the frame work and from there remove the bottom to make it not-elevated. From there you can patch up any holes with chick-safe wife And then just hang a heat lamp over it and BAM! New brooder?
Well now, you could turn it into a brooder, clear plastic the outside, turn it upside down to put chicks etc out on the lawn, weigh down with something for security- day time use only.
I have one that I use for EVERYTHIGN!!! I went to a local sign shop and bought courugated plastic and made a tray that fits in the bottom to hold all the shavings in... I use the shop vac to clean it out. the courugate plastic makes the pen water proof.. but you could use puppy pads too. I love mine so much I recently picked up a old hospital bcrib to make a brooder out of!!! and I love it...

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