Converting back of shed and adding a run - would love some advice!

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    Mar 26, 2012
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    Hello all! We have been reading a lot on this site as our eggs have been incubating. Through all of the coop designs, we finally decided to convert the back 1/3 or so of our shed to our coop.

    The plan is (and it has not been executed, so please, if you have done this and have a better way, chime right in) that we will build a wall with a door in it to the back 3rd. The top is a frame with tresses, so we will chicken wire that off, but leave it open for more ventilation in the shed. The coop will have one window, plus another vent in the a-frame section (in addition to the top being open for ventilation through the rest of the shed.

    We will cut the hole for the exit into the run, and keep a little door so we can close that if we need. The coop will then be 11' (the width of the shed) by 6'. We are going to the put our entrance door to the right side of our wall, and then all the way on the left wall will be the nesting boxes, with the exit to the run being all the way on the right wall. We will have to enter the coop to collect the eggs. We will be roosts across from the wall we are building to the back wall of the shed, so they will be parallel to the location of the nesting boxes, but not over them.

    So then comes the run. A lot of designs have been discussed. We thought about doing a 3'-4' high run with a hinged or otherwise removable top so that we could clean it out. We are thinking we'll do the full wired bottom for digging predators. So short and wide.

    The next option is a lean-to design. Using 10ft boards, lean them against the shed (my dad has built out porches before and is helping us with structure - but none of us have had chickens) giving about 7ft out from the shed. We are thinking we would sink posts and have each beam connect to a post about 2.5" off the ground, and have it go 16 ft of the length of the shed. boards every 4 feet with the chicken wire attached all over and the bottom as well. The entrance for cleaning would be on one of the ends.

    We have tons of free wood from my dads garage, so no matter our design, we will not need to purchase any wood. What I am wondering is efficiency of space, long term stability.

    Currently we have 8 chicks that hatched under our care on Saturday. One of them is not doing so well. We also mail ordered 15 pullets from cackle hatchery which will arrive next week. We don't intend to keep 23 chickens, but from everything we've read, it's better to have more than less and expect some loss. We also have someone who can process them for meat. We'd like to have 10-15 layers when it's all said and done.

    They will have free time in the yard in the evenings when we can be outside to watch them, we planted a bunch of chicken friendly plants for them to eat when they wander.

    We appreciate any opinions you have on the coop design, run design, and really, if you don't like what I've said about it and have a better idea for coop or run, please share it.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Here's mine- kinda like a cross between some of what you are planing

    the attached coop is 3*5*3 on stilts
    the run is 12*20*8 the covered area is the back 12 feet of that.

    I would have loved an A frame roof instead of this darn flat one, we ran out of material budget and went flat for the roof, the covered roof is metal.

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