Converting barn stall into coop


Jul 18, 2016

I am a proud new chicken owner. I have started out with a small flock of 6. I am currently having the babies stay in my basement, however they are growing very quickly which means I need to make this conversion process happen quickly! I just cleaned out the barn and pressure washed it and at the end of last week I began to patch and build up the one side of the stall higher so less chicken wire has to be used. You can notice in the attached pictures that I am hanging the netting from the rafters to the wood on the side of the stall (stapled). I am also going to patch up the noticeable holes in the woodwork and considering possibly running some chicken fence over those as well.

My biggest thing that has me stumped right now is what do I do with the opening which will be the entrance and exit point? There is a big gap at the bottom and at the top of the door. Has anyone ever taken on a project like this?? Any suggestions are welcome and other tips as well.

Thank you!
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There are several bard stall to chicken coop conversion on BYC...try a search.

Chicken wire won't keep predator's out....go with 1/2" hardware cloth ....or add 1x2 welded wire fencing to chicken wire.

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